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RIBBEL Planter Large Petal

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The RIBBEL collection consists of five objects; three vases and two planters. Each model is available in 4 colours: white, petal, mustard and plum.

Give yourself the change to mix and match the different shapes and curved details. The vases are very suitable for putting in a few flowers or twigs. The planters can be easily adorned with small plants. Even without content the objects are a decorative addition. Combine your favorite colours or choose a monochrome composition. Every composition will be unique, as all objects are completely handmade.

RIBBEL Planter Large
Handmade Porcelain

ø 15 x 10,5 cm


Ineke van der Werff

#saudade #saudadecollective #saudade_collective #collective #craftsmanship #collaboration #studioinekevanderwerff

At Saudade Collective we like to get inspired by the world around us, not only through experiences with different cultures but also by experiencing the craftsmanship of artisans. And sometimes, in that search for craftsmanship, wonderous collaborations arise.

During our search we instantly fell in love with the craftsmanship of Dutch porcelain artist Ineke van der Werff. She designs and creates with an experimental mindset and an admirable sense of color. In her work, Ineke pushes herself to explore all options, keeping her eye on the tiniest details. It's her great sense of aesthetics and passion for craftsmanship that made the match with our Collective.

#saudade #saudadecollective #saudade_collective #collective #craftsmanship #collaboration #studioinekevanderwerff

With our RIBBEL collection Ineke has turned liquid porcelain into beautiful objects with a fresh appearance. The collection is characterized by its elegant repetition in round shapes. The small ripples are echoed throughout the different models. Soft but playful with a subtle hand glazed touch.

The tactility of a product is very important to me. Touching an object should really add to the experience of it. In my current collections I have experimented with different structures in glaze, combined with matte porcelain. In this new collection I challenged myself to increase that tactility by playing with different structures and shapes. The contrast between matte and gloss is enhanced by combining sleek shapes with fine ridges. The objects ask to be touched and held. This way you add something to your interior that is not only visually stimulating but also physically.

Ineke van der Werff, September 2020